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Charities – Giving Something Back

Every year, the IWCProvence members vote on which charities to support. The following are the current charities supported by the IWCProvence through various fundraising activities:

Bereavement Support Network (BSN)

Exists to promote the wellbeing of anyone bereaved offering confidential support directly to individuals, to enable them to understand their grief and cope with their loss.

La Ligue Contre Le Cancer

To assist and support patients emotionally and financially and act on their behalf. To finance research and educate the public re the prevention of cancer.
National: www.ligue-cancer.net  |  Local: www.ligue-cancer83.net

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Brings medical aid to peoples in distress, victims of natural or humanitarian disaster, and warzones.

Orphelins des Pompiers du Var

Provides support and aid to the families of firemen who have died whether or not during the course of their duty.

Restos du Coeurs

A nationwide charity which gives free distribution of food, clothing and heating to the poorest of France operating at local level. There are 117 regional agencies.
National : www.restosducoeur.org  |  Local: www.restosducoeurduvar.org

Sauver Protéger Aimer (SPA)

Rescue and care for domestic animals in France. We have a local branch near Lorgues.

Riviera Lifeline

Riviera Lifeline is a non-profit organisation helping seniors in many ways, in the Var and Alpes Maritimes.